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Polishing case of precision casting parts

2013/6/11      view:

  Polishing case of precision casting parts--KYoole Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    In the past two decades, modern medical medicine, surgery and other medical research have achieved remarkable development and achievements, which is indeed worth celebrating. Every innovative technology, surgical procedure, medical equipment, orthopedic implants or drugs can bring cures to people around the world, more treatment options and a better and healthier quality of life. . The abrasive flow hopes to play a role in promoting some of these medical victories.
From artificial heart valves and hip and knee replacements to numerous surgical and laparoscopy equipment and instruments, advanced surface solutions for abrasive flow play a huge role. The abrasive flow process can also be applied to medical manufacturers to improve the performance of complex medical devices, implants and instruments through precision deburring, polishing, chamfering, cleaning, pressure release and passivation functions.

    More and more medical technology products use titanium-based alloys as materials. The processing of the products also requires abrasive flow polishing deburring technology. In addition, implants such as screws, implant nails, bones and splints can be used in orthopedic implants. The processing of the abrasive flow has a perfect effect.Improve the functionality and reliability of medical components.Improve surface cleanliness and consistency.Improve durability and extend component life