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    Abrasive fluid polishing machine application

    2013/6/11      view:
            Kyoole Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. specializes in the micro-processing of internal bending parts, deburring and mirror polishing of the inner cavity surface of the mold. It is a machine designed by the European and American industries according to the extrusion principle. The world's most advanced elastic fluid grinding technology concentrates on the essence of European and American technology. The polishing machine is squeezed above and below, so that the polymer solid elastic molding material flows through the processing surface or the inner hole, and reciprocating motion is performed to process the mirror surface. .
            It is extremely effective for complex shapes such as concave and curved holes, which are not achievable by conventional knives and molds. This technology breaks the traditional manual grinding and polishing process, and polishes the workpieces of micropores, porous, long holes, curved holes and shaped holes. It is more convenient and easier, especially in the gas and liquid conduction tube for mirror polishing, so that the grinding marks and fluids pass in the same direction, effectively improve the performance, quality and smoothness of the mold or workpiece to achieve the mirror level, and extend the mold and The service life of the workpiece can improve the quality of the product. The inner curved hole fluid polishing machine developed by Diyang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly used for polishing, deburring and chamfering related surface processing of workpiece inner surface. It is widely used in various molds, precision parts and related process, and has improved quality and Significant results in increasing production capacity!
            KYOOLE  Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. abrasive grain polishing machine mirror polishing, deburring with digital control system, Germany imported equipment assembly, processing efficiency, polishing effect. The advantage of mirror polishing is that the extrusion grinding is to remove the metal material in a small amount, and deburring the intersection of the inner cavity of the part to achieve the purpose of fine processing. This technology is widely used in the automotive industry and various manufacturing industries because it can polish parts that are complex and difficult to handle manually. The polished surface is uniform and complete, and the batch processing effect is repeated. These processing features improve the performance of parts and extend the life. At the same time, reduce complicated manual labor and reduce labor intensity.
            KYOOLE Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing free samples, testing and workpiece processing services to customers in need. Welcome to inquire: 17870521585 17721225073!