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Kooyle Co.Ltd (short of the Kooyle industrial in the following parts) is a production-oriented enterprise which is focused on polishing industry with R&D,production and sales combined. Our company is devoted to  addressing curved hole and shaped hole in the work piece, various types of tooling hole to stab,mirror polishing,abrasive flow polishing machine for convex and concave surfaces and curved channel usually tool, and abrasive tool is not up to the complex shape and effective.It is a kind of craft that European countries and America utilize diamond , silicon carbide and other high molecular solid soft abrasive material to implement mirror polishing, standing as the advanced high molecular elastic fluid grinding technology.


       Grinding fluid particles polishing machine is applied to the inner wall of a work piece surface polishing and deburring ,chamfering and other related surface manufacturing process.It is widely used in various high speed stamping embossing die,tungsten steel screw die,tungsten steel wire drawing die,tungsten steel pull copper mold,aluminum extrusion mold,hard alloy steel pharmaceutical die, mold powder metallurgy,precision ceramic parts,electronic devices,hot runner splitter plate,within the spinneret micropore to blur, semiconductor pipe work piece,space leaves,internal combustion engine,engine parts and related process bend shaped hole to blur,mirror polished, delivering remarkable fruits in refining quality, production efficiency and reducing labor costs.



      Dedicated to provide customers with free testingsample,and the work of  the foundry service!